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26 September 2023

Promoting sustainable European mining

Norge Mining is a private mining company exploring Critical Raw Materials in Norway, including phosphate, vanadium, and titanium. Despite its early stage of development, Norge Mining was keen from the outset to ensure that its operations embedded the responsible business practices expected by stakeholders, against the backdrop of the EU Green Deal and Taxonomy which would be a natural target market.

For a third year running, Buchanan supported Norge Mining in the development of its latest Responsible Business Report, crafting all content and creative delivery to capture the sustainability story at the heart of its operations. The company’s disclosure highlights its commitment to establishing a low-carbon mining operation and the how its resources can help support global energy security and transition.

These credentials are underpinned by Norway’s energy grid that is powered by renewables, and the consideration of circularity through vertical integration by exploring the possibility of downstream processing, carbon sequestration, and hydrogen by-products as part of their pre-feasibility study. While their plans are still in development, emissions reduction and responsible waste management objectives are shaping their commercial strategies.

The dual language report produced in both English and Norwegian is benchmarked against the Global Reporting Initiative and demonstrates Norge Mining’s commitment to transparency throughout their operations, facilitating engagement with diverse audiences, spanning from local communities to national and international stakeholders. Buchanan is also retained as a specialist advisory member of their ESG Working Group and attendee of ESG Committee meetings.

View the report here

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