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05 March 2024

Publication of the Altrad Group’s 2023 Annual Report – One Altrad.

Since 2020 the Altrad group has pursued a progressive acquisition strategy, with 14 new acquisitions adding 24,000 new employees and around €2.8Bn of new revenue, with an expanded service offering.

The Annual Report focuses on the integration of these acquisitions under a ‘One Altrad’ banner, exploring how the enlarged group which now consists of 60,000 people working across 54 countries, prioritises diversity and inclusion and the promotion of entrepreneurism with a culture of creation and innovation.

Buchanan supported Altrad with content creation for the report through engagement with senior management and team members from across the group. In addition, Buchanan has been mandated to advise Altrad on the forward development of its ESG strategy, and its effective implementation and communication to all stakeholders.

View the report here

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